Makeup Brushes Synthetic vs Natural

Makeup Brushes Synthetic vs Natural

Makeup brushes are important to achieve the perfect makeup look. Having the right kind of tools to do your makeup with, ensures that you get the perfect look every time you do your makeup. Professionals rely on brushes to give their clients their desired look.

What makes a brush good are its bristles. These bristles can be natural or synthetic. This has started a debate on makeup brushes synthetic vs natural; as to which is better for your makeup and for the environment.

Synthetic brushes are made up of synthetic fibers or bristles. These synthetic fibers are derived from plastics and nylon. The plastic is spun out very thin to mimic the thickness of a natural hair. Most synthetic brushes are made from Taklon Nylon, which is an extruded fiber designed to look like natural hair. There has been a lot of advancement in the process of making synthetic brushes that there is very little difference between synthetic and natural brushes, and how they apply brushes

Natural brushes are sourced from animal fur. Natural brushes are more expensive than synthetic brushes because they are sourced from animals and there are many prohibitions on the harvesting of fur. Some common ones are goat’s hair, blue squirrel fur, sable, etc. Natural fibers are soft, uniform in color and size and are often handmade, making them much costlier than their synthetic counterparts. Natural eye makeup brushes really outdo synthetic brushes when it comes to blending the shadows.

Nowadays, with companies trying to make synthetic bristles as close to natural hair, there’s not much difference left between the two. Only experts in the makeup industry can really tell the difference between natural brushes and synthetic brushes. For laymen, both brushes work fine. You can pick one according to your preference and budget.