Commonwealth’s Annual Performance Recognition Program 2016

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state house for performance recognition program award event

Every year, for thirty-two years now, the Commonwealth’s Human Resources Division coordinates the annual Commonwealth of Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program (PRP). The Performance Recognition Program is a great way to acknowledge, encourage, and reinforce an individual or team’s outstanding performance. These awards recognize employees who consistently demonstrate innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

The PRP consists of awards given in five categories: the Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance; Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award; Manuel Carballo Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service; Commonwealth of Massachusetts Workforce Mentoring Award; and Commonwealth Equity in Governance Award. This article will focus on the Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance category.

Each campus’s, or agency’s, selection committee reviews all nominations and recommends those individuals or teams that are most worthy of this recognition. Some of the selection criteria that the committee takes into consideration includes:

  • Attainment of high priority agency objectives
  • Exceptional managerial, organizational and/or communications achievements
  • Achievement of significant improvements in productivity and/or cost savings in agency operations

The University President announced on September 26 that the University of Massachusetts has earned 21 awards in this year’s program, 10 individual awards and 11 team awards. The Individual winners and two representatives from each Team were honored at a special event at the State House on October 21, 2016.

A few of the winners had some comments about the PRP and their appreciation for the acknowledgement of their team’s accomplishments.

I was completely surprised…and humbled when I learned that my colleagues had conspired to put together a nomination letter and have the President support it. I am so grateful to be honored as an Individual award winner, but I also want to acknowledge that my efforts are but one part of the greater whole we create together. 
As a member of the Academic Program Inventory Team, which also received a Citation for Outstanding Performance, I congratulate all those team members both on the campuses and in the President’s Office for a project of outstanding conceptualization and implementation.” –Marcellette Williams, Senior VP of Academic & Student Affairs and International Relations at the UMass System, and a 2016 Individual and Group recipient.

We are fortunate to have such a talented and hardworking team at UMass Lowell. It’s an honor for our work to be recognized by the state.”- Elaine Keough, Web Communications Director at UMass Lowell, and a 2016 Group Award recipient.

Projects like these [ACA Project and Earned Sick Leave Project] promote collaboration both internally and externally.  It shows the talent that everyone has to get things done.  The folks on this team are what made these projects successful and they deserve the credit for making these projects successful.  I am grateful to have been part of these teams.” – Carol Dugard, Assistant Director of HR Systems at the UMass System, and a 2016 Individual and two-time Group Award recipient.

I am absolutely delighted that the Academic Program Inventory project team has been recognized at such a high level. The recognition speaks volumes about the kind of integrated effort invested across the entire University system, as well as the true team spirit with which folks came to the table to execute the project. I feel both humbled and honored by the tremendous learning experience it has been for me personally.” – Neena Verma, Director of Institutional Research at the UMass System, and a 2016 Group Award recipient.

It is a pleasure working for the ECOB program. When we meet families, it is often at the worst time in their lives. At the end of the day, it is gratifying to know I/ we have helped to make someone’s burden just a little bit lighter.” – Janice O. Allen, Health Benefits Coordinator at the UMass Medical School, and a 2016 Group Award recipient.

As a team member, I am proud to support Project Eureka! as it fulfills so many of the University’s strategic goals: it fosters the education and well-being of the young girls who attend, instilling and nurturing wider visions in them; provides essential research opportunities for faculty assessing pre- and post-program attitudes toward STEM subjects in girls; maximizes resource use during the summer; and affords the participants an inside experience of UMass as a potential destination of choice.” – Robert Davis, Manager of OIT Academic Computer Classrooms at UMass Amherst, and a 2016 Group Award recipient.

Below is the full list of recipients:


Karen Wilson –  UMass System Office
Carol Dugard –  UMass System Office
Dr. Lynn Griesemer –  UMass System Office
Laura Neill –  UMass System Office
Oderra Jones –  UMass Boston
Chrystal Harris –  UMass Dartmouth
Ruairi O’Mahony – UMass Lowell
Adam Baacke –  UMass Lowell
Dr. Tamara Ohler –  UMass, Medical School
Dr. Marcellette Williams –  UMass System Office


UMass Academic Program Inventory Team
Tracy Axelson – UMSO
Adam Collins – UMSO
Neena Verma – UMSO
Marcellette Williams – UMSO
Kristina England – UMSO
Bryan Beck – UMass Amherst
Marilyn Blaustein – UMass Amherst
Stephanie Chapko – UMass Amherst
Joanne Gray – UMass Amherst
Krisztina Filep – UMass Amherst
Edmund Melina – UMass Amherst
Christine McCormick – UMass Amherst
Kate Woodmansee – UMass Amherst
Jennifer Brown – UMass Boston
David Cesario – UMass Boston
John Drew – UMass Boston
James Castiola – UMass Boston
Peggy Roldan – UMass Boston
Christine Kaylor – UMass Dartmouth
Michael Lynch – UMass Dartmouth
Tammy Silva – UMass Dartmouth
Renee Trial – UMass Dartmouth
Scott Webster – UMass Dartmouth
Julie Alig Scala – UMass Lowell
Jen Buckley – UMass Lowell
Kerry Donohoe – UMass Lowell
Anita Greenwood – UMass Lowell
Kerri Johnston – UMass Lowell
Linda Southworth – UMass Lowell
John Ting – UMass Lowell
Michael Baker – UMass Medical School
Lisa Beittel – UMass Medical School
An Dinh – UMass Medical School
Kimberly LaPerle – UMass Medical School
Kendall Knight – UMass Medical School
Mary Zanetti – UMass Medical School

Earned Sick Leave Project Team
Sue Cerrato – UMSO
Laura Neill – UMSO
Darpan Gokharu – UMSO
Al Beaubien – UMass Amherst
Holly Wang – UMSO
Ann Marie Hickman – UMSO
Meghan Portmann – UMSO
Pat Connolly – UMSO
Gale Landry – UMSO
Carol Dugard – UMSO
Sharon Vieira – UMSO
Zoila Altamirano – UMSO
John Munroe – UMSO

Team Eureka!  – UMass Amherst
Terrie Kellogg
Robert Davis
Jill Isabelle
Jane Markarian
Garett DiStefano
Elizabeth Wilda
Donna Blackney

Public Safety Honor Guard – UMass Boston
Lt. Paul Arnstein
Lt. Det. Clara Molina
Sgt. Jorge Ortiz
Officer Tyler Mathewson

The Leduc Center for Civic Engagement – UMass Dartmouth
Dr. Matthew Roy
Deirdre Healy
Gary Marden
Kathryn Doan

Facilities Project Management Team – UMass Lowell
Jean Robinson
Leanne Peters
Christine Gramstorff
Hector Valdes
Joe Caulfield
Roger Hall
Rupinder Sembhi
Maria Morrissey
Marta Kabalin
Dirk Van Luling
Robert Bradley
Fred Gavriel
Marg Dion
Zachary McDonough

ACA Project Team
Darpan Gokharu – UMSO
Carol Dugard – UMSO
Laura Neill – UMSO
Hilary Clark – UMass Lowell
Al Beaubien – UMass Amherst
Meghan Portmann – UMSO
Ann Marie Hickman – UMSO
Allison Bamforth – UMSO
Nancy Fisher – UMSO
Chaya Mallavaram – UMSO
John DeInnocentis – UMSO
Maria Dahod – UMSO
Shahnaz Tatavarti – UMSO
Monty Rosen – UMSO
Sharon Vieira – UMSO
Lauren Turner – UMass Lowell
John Munroe – UMSO

Web Team – UMass Lowell
Elaine Keough
Suzanne Dulude-Potter
Amy Eddy
Sarah Eisenklam
Michael Pueschel
Joanne Sherburne
Gerry Nelson
Helal Saghir
Kareem AbuZahra
Ferney Lopez
Mark Field
Allen Williamson
Sam Diep
Hichame Asrary
Evan Mulawski
Nico Esterhuyse
Daniel Coury

Living Learning Communities – UMass Lowell
Dr. James Kohl
Joel McCarthy-Latimer

Health Benefit Coordinators – UMass Medical School
Janice Allen
Sharon Beausoleil
Lori Bosak
Nevelle Faly
Anna Guinta
Renee Grenier
Mary Hajjar
Julie Roselund
Rachel Ross-Jenkinson
Yasmine Salvador
Sandra Stickney
Danielle Zenus

State Supplemental Program – UMass Medical School

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