The Top Three Articles of Spring 2015

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Over the spring, UMass On The Move has highlighted happenings from across the campuses on efficiency and innovation. Our stories are read more and more with over 50% additional total page views with each passing season. Thank you to all of our readers and authors for their continued support.

The top three articles of spring 2015 (in order) were:

  1. University Launches System Wide Academic Program Inventory by Neena Verma and Kristina England at the UMass President’s Office
  2. Accessibility Features Built into Computing Devices Support Teaching, Learning & Research by Jessica Frankenfield at UMass Amherst
  3. UMassOnline Launches Redesigned Website with a Focus on the Student Experience by Jennifer Hernandez at UMass Online

UMass On The Move won’t be taking a summer break, so you can look forward to more articles throughout the coming months.

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