UITS Redesigns Service Catalog with You in Mind

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A couple years ago, the System Office’s Information Technology Services department rolled out our first iteration of a service catalog website.  It provided a hub for our current customers to browse services by category.  The categories at the time were designed to align with our different levels of support, from cloud to full application management.  It was also housed on an interim website as we prepared for the redesign of the Office of the President website, https://www.umassp.edu.

Once the new Office of the President website went live in November 2014, the department began discussions about how best to migrate the service catalog to our new department presence, https://www.umassp.edu/uits.  We decided to keep it simple by restructuring the services we provide into audience categories rather than by level of support.  The new buckets, Student & Faculty Services, Administration & Finance, Identity & Access Management, Analysis & Reporting, Research Computing, International Relations, Internet & Network, Monitoring & Continuity, Project Management, and Web & Collaboration, provide an easy way to zero in on content of interest.

As customer projects came up, we iteratively worked on the content throughout the late Fall and Winter to ensure it was up to date and accurate.  Thanks to staff members from across the department, we were able to finish the redesign in late March and launched the new catalog on April 4, 2016.

The catalog completes the redesign of our overall UITS web presence and provides us with an efficient and streamlined way to manage our content going forward with the ability to delegate editing access across the office.

You can visit the new catalog at https://umassp.edu/uits/services.

Over the years, the UITS portfolio of services has continued to expand. Our latest addition is a suite of products in the International Services space. Most customers see only a portion of these services directly.  My thanks to the IT Communications team and many others who contributed to the refined content, I believe this version of the Services Catalog will be more useful to our stakeholders and will be easier to keep up to date.“-Ellen Kanter

We plan to continue adding content to the Service Catalog in an iterative process and welcome feedback on any of our departmental content.

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